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With Customers from Home crafters to Bakers & from sole traders to multi national companies. We appreciate all of your business & we agree that your labels are your identity & we hope to build a long term working relationship.


With access to the Highest Quality Digital Presses &  Flexographic Label Presses we can offer a range of quality depending on your needs, If it’s a high end product label you are after or just a blank label for your printer, We can make them for you


As specialist digital label printers, we are able to cater for a wide variety of digital printing requirements to suit the individual needs of our customers. We have extensive experience of providing labels to a range of markets, including; produce & food, packaging, bottles, wine, whiskey, baked goods and many more

Your Brands Our Labels

What do your labels say about your business?

The way labels look on a product or package can impact how they are perceived.

Labels can create excitement, drive sales, increase brand awareness and help build customer loyalty
We Supply a wide range of self adhesive label and tag products. From plain to 10 colours, any size any quantity, Whether you want 1 label or 1 million labels, No matter how large your order is
we have the production capacity to fulfil it.

We have the latest digital printing technology available to offer cost effective,
high quality labels to meet your requirements, & are able to deliver them on time & on budget.

We like to give every customer the personal touch whether it is a simple barcode or a full colour product label. We offer a variety of solutions to suit all budgets.

We aim to offer the fastest turnaround times on all our work.

We can also offer variable data printing onto your labels
including sequential numbering and barcoding.

Digital Printing On Roll Labels

Searching for digital printing on a roll? We have years of experience in the field of sticker printing.
We can advise you on the best way to manufacture your labels, enabling you to get the most out of production costs
Saving you Money & getting you the Best Price

Digital Printing On A4 Labels

Go2Products supply a large choice of sizes on a variety of materials.
Whether you want just a Plain Label ready to print yourself or you are after something much more specialised.
We can help advise you on digital printing for a smaller run.

Artwork Format and Resolution





Adobe – Portable Document Format

minimum 300dpi at 100%


Compressed Photographic Image format – CMYK

minimum 300dpi at 100%


Encapsulated Postscript Format – CMYK

minimum 300dpi at 100%


Adobe Illustrator Format – CMYK

minimum 300dpi at 100%


Tagged Image File – CMYK

minimum 300dpi at 100%


Database File


What is resolution?

Resolution refers to the number of dots per inch (dpi), or pixels per inch(ppi), or the amount of detail in an image. Most documents prepared for upload should be 300 dpi at 100% of the final print size. Higher resolution means a more detailed image, and also larger file and longer upload time.


Colours on your computer screen are made of red, green and blue light (RGB) and are far more ‘radiant’ than printed colours which are composed from cyan magenta, yellow, and black inks (CMYK). Please supply images in CMYK and not RGB.  It’s important to remember that we cannot print to a higher standard than the artwork you provide.

If your artwork is in one colour and it is an important colour, then please advise us of the Pantone colour reference or CMYK reference. 

Assuming there is more than one label on a sheet, your artwork can be set out as one label or as the whole page (maybe with many labels).


The very edges of the document are called the bleed area. To prevent an unwanted white border from showing at the edge of your labels, be sure to extend any background colours or design elements all the way beyond the trimmed edge (marked in red on the diagram) 1.5mm to the edge marked with a grey border on diagram.

Safe Margin
Ensure that any images or text are at least 1.5mm from the edge of the label. 

Text and Fonts
Please advise if your artwork includes a specific font.

Important Note:

For digital printing we are unable to print within 7mm of the edge of the A4 Sheet. This restriction will only affect some labels as on some sheets the labels are not posttioned this close to the edge.

If you choice of label is positioned close to the edge, then your artwork should not have any printable areas that will be affected. Please contact us if unsure.

Final Proof

if your artwork is suitable, we will email you a final proof for you to approve before we send your job to the press.

If your artwork is unsuitable then you will receive one of the following messsages

The artwork is of poor quality.

We are happy to take your instructions to proceed, but we would recommend you improve your artwork first.

Some adjustments are needed to make your artwork fit.

If this is something we can do in house, we will advise of the cost or invite you to re-send the artwork once you have fixed the problem.

The artwork unsuitable for printing or we cannot read the fiie format.

Please re-send and contact us to be put in touch with a studio.

If any of the above are suggested, you can choose to cancel at this time and receive a full refund.

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