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 ShapeLabel WidthLabel HeightLabel CodeAvery Compatible CodeWord TemplatePDF Template
1 to ViewRectangle 199.6mm289.1mmLL01L7167DownloadDownload
2 to ViewRectangle 199.6mm143.5mmLL02L7168DownloadDownload
4 to ViewRectangle 99.1mm139mmLL04L7169DownloadDownload
6 to ViewRectangle 99.1mm93.1mmLL06L7166DownloadDownload
8 to ViewRectangle 99.1mm67.7mmLL08L7165DownloadDownload
10 to ViewRectangle 99.1mm57.3mmLL10L7173DownloadDownload
12 to ViewRectangle 63.5mm72mmLL12L7164DownloadDownload
14 to ViewRectangle 99.1mm38.1mmLL14L7163DownloadDownload
16 to ViewRectangle 99.1mm33.9mmLL16L7162DownloadDownload
18 to ViewRectangle 63.5mm46.6mmLL18L7161DownloadDownload
21 to ViewRectangle 63.5mm38.1mmLL21L7160DownloadDownload
24 to ViewRectangle 63.5mm33.9mmLL24L7159DownloadDownload
40 to ViewRectangle 45.7mm25.5mmLL40L7781DownloadDownload
65 to ViewRectangle 38.1mm21.2mmLL65L7651DownloadDownload
84 to ViewRectangle46mm11mmLL84L7656DownloadDownload
189 to ViewRectangle 25.4mm10mmLL189J8658DownloadDownload


 ShapeLabel WidthLabel HeightWord TemplatePDF Template
6 Per sheetRound88mm88mmDownloadDownload
12 Per sheetRound63mm63mmDownloadDownload
15 Per sheetRound50mm50mmDownloadDownload
24 Per sheetRound45mm45mmDownloadDownload
35 Per sheetRound37mm37mmDownloadDownload
48 Per sheetRound30mm30mmDownloadDownload
70 Per sheetRound25mm25mmDownloadDownload
117 Per sheetRound19mm19mmDownloadDownload
216 Per sheetRound13mm13mmDownloadDownload

Pre-made Printable Templates

  ShapeLabel WidthLabel HeightWord TemplatePDF Template
Christmas - Thankyou8 to ViewRectangle99.1mm67.7mmN/ADownload
Christmas - Express Delivery4 to ViewRectangle200mm60mmN/ADownload
Christmas - Heavy4 to ViewRectangle200mm60mmN/ADownload
Christmas - Merry Christmas from Santa24 to ViewCircle45mm45mmN/ADownload
Keep Cool24 to ViewCircles45mm45mmN/ADownload
Valentines14 to ViewRectangles99.1mm38.1mmN/ADownload
Bunting14 to ViewRectangles99.1mm38.1mmN/ADownload
Stock Take14 to ViewRectangles99.1mm38.1mmN/ADownload


We do not sell Avery labels BUT many of our label sizes “Avery Compatible Premium Labels” are exactly the same size as those produced by Avery.

If you want labels that match a particular Avery size or want/need to use an Avery template to print your labels, you can buy labels from us safe in Knowing that they are completely compatible with their Avery equivalents.

You can also use our free sample service to give our labels a try and see for yourself.

Our label templates and printing guides are completely FREE.

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