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Stretch Wrap – Pallet Wrap

We Offer a range of Stretch Wrap from Clear to black, Different Thicknesses & Widths.

We Have two options from Cast and Blown Stretch Wrap, with either a Flush or Extended core available.

Cast film

being our most popular Stretch Wrap which is low noise for them busy work spaces.

nature of cast film makes it very consistent, throughout the roll, in terms of both cling and material thickness.

Blown Film

has a strong resistance to puncturing which improves load stability.

The tacky of these films also means it will stick in very dusty areas.


Width x Length
 Rolls per Box1 - 4
5 - 19
20 - 59
CoreAdd to Cart (Amount of Boxes)
Megastretch Plus Cast Hand Film
17 Micron, 400mm x 300m
Clear6 Rolls£25.20£23.40£21.60£20.25

Megastretch Plus Cast Hand Film
20 Micron, 400mm x 300m
Clear6 Rolls£30.00£28.00£25.85£24.60

Megastretch Plus Cast Hand Film
23 Micron, 500mm x 250m
Clear6 Rolls£33.76£31.35£28.95£27.36

Megastretch Plus Cast Blown Film
17 Micron, 400mm x 300m
Black6 Rolls£38.50£35.92£34.00£30.38

Megastretch Plus Cast Blown Film
25 Micron, 400mm x 300m
Black6 Rolls£39.50£37.95£35.82£34.27

E-Stretch Hand Film
400mm x 600m
Clear6 Rolls£30.24£28.22£26.20£23.64


Pallet wrap (also known as stretch wrap and stretch film) is a strong plastic film that is easily stretched around items, especially items on a pallet. The elastic recovery of the wrap means that it keeps the items tightly bound, so that pallet items are stabilised and unit loads can be created.

Our stretch wrap is easily applied either by hand or with our hand-held dispenser. The wrap adheres to itself once it is wrapped around the pallet, or around goods, and protects the goods against dust and weather. Stretch film retains its tension while in transit, so items will not slide around and get damaged.


Cast Pallet Wrap

  • Pallet wrap, cast Film, from Go2Products has very good transparency, enabling barcodes and labels to easily be read through the wrapping.
  • Our cast stretch wrap has extremely good tear resistance, when comparing Our range to other films on the market.
  • Go2Products cast pallet wrap has an extremely quiet unwind reducing noise levels over many other films.
  • Due to the technologies used in the manufacture of Cast film it has very consistent cling and thickness throughout the roll.

Blown Pallet Wrap

  • Blown pallet wrap has a very high puncture resistance compared to other films on the market
  • Go2Products blown stretch wrap puts a high force onto the pallet, creating strong load stability
  • Blown pallet wrap is very tacky and will stick to pallets in very dusty or extremely cold (-32 Degrees C) wrapping environments.



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