Peel & Reveal Labels

Peel & Reveal Labels

Peel and Reveal labels are cost effective and ideal if you need to print a large amount of information, instructions or different language translations on to your peel and reveal labels where space is limited.

We are proud to be a market leader, All of our products are printed in-house using a range of powerful equipment. Our presses are able to produce labels that are up to three-ply and contain five printed sides.

Having dual ply Peel and reveal Labels is a cost effective way of producing labels if you have a lot of information to fit on to the label. Used in product marketing, a clever and attractive peel & reveal label can help enhance your brand and increase sales.

Because we are digital, if the labels need to go across a ‘range’ of product brands, we can easily accommodate this on our presses as effectively each label is unique.

Get it right first time with Peel and Reveal Labels

It’s important to get your artwork right so that your label will be functionally and aesthetically pleasing, and the expert team at Go2Products will advise you on the best way to get the most from your peel and reveal labels.  For example we can advise on the following:

Adhesives – peel and reveal labels are different in that they have more layers than regular labels. Therefore if your product has very curved surfaces or is small (for example a nail varnish bottle), then you may need a suitable adhesive so that the label stays in place throughout the life of the product.

Materials – as peel and reveal labels are more complex, it may mean that a specific material would be the best option to ensure your product packaging looks the part.

Artwork – because these peel and reveal labels have ‘layers’ you want to ensure that your artwork is adjusted so that the design doesn’t show through and spoil the look of the glossy top layer. Our team can advise on the best way of doing this, before you print your peel and reveal labels, and can help you by passing on our special tricks and tips to make your artwork perfect.

Tactile Warning 

We offer professional high quality e-liquid labels and cartons that fulfil the legal obligations set out under TPD & CLP compliance.

Tactile warning triangles are required as a feature on every bottle of e-liquid, and its packaging, we print the tactile warning labels in-house on our top of the range machine.

The tactile warning triangles are a raised area (like Braille) and are clear so they have the minimum impact on your design. Rather than having to apply your own tactile warning triangles to your peel and reveal labels,

we offer an integrated service so your peel and reveal labels are printed and ready to go. We can also print the warning triangles on cartons / boxes or produce clear labels.

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