Roll Labels – Plain or bespoke

Roll Labels – Plain or bespoke

We can produce our roll labels on all sizes of cores, so if you need a 19mm core for a hand held applicator, a 4″ core for an automatic labeling machine or anything in between. If your not sure send us your cardboard core and we will match it so there is no loading issues with your printer.

We have a selection of Label Cores & Label Tubes – 1″ Cardboard Label Tubes 1.5″ 2″ 3″ Cores are all pretty standard but we can do many other sizes as well to suit your application.

When using Roll labels its important to choose the correct Cardboard tube so if you are not sure talk to us, or tell us your printer make & model and we should be able to find out for you!

The cardboard tubes aren’t just there to give you something to wrap your self adhesive labels around, they are in most cases suited to the printer, Either the width of the tube or the length of the tube will have some bearing on how your labels work alongside your Roll label Printer.

Some times having your roll labels wound onto a larger tube may be necessary to reduce any air bubbling on the label adhesive. This is a good solution for a larger label as they don’t like to be wound tightly around a smaller core.

However smaller cores for your Roll labels will allow you to fit many more labels onto your Roll, so that the chore of changing the Roll label in the printer is postponed for as long as possible.

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