We provide a fast and reliable over-labelling service which has proven to be a cost effective labelling solution. Our customers use our Bureau for promotional over-labelling work, label and product corrections and security labelling. Here’s some of the things we can do below and don’t forget – we can make the labels too!

Label/Product corrections

Things can change pretty quickly these days! If you have a printed label or product where a correction needs to be made we can apply a cover-up label to the incorrect information where otherwise you might have had to scrap the labels or products. Saves you time and money!

Marketing campaigns & promotional work

If you need a label applying to almost anything, we can do it for you! We can also apply a scratch off label to a unique code or message – ideal for marketing campaigns, gaming, security and promotional offers where you need to purchase the product in order to get a unique code which entitles you to extras or a prize.

  • Scratch Off Labels
  • Coverup Labels
  • Opaque Labels
  • Scratch and reveal
  • Contract Labelling
  • Product Labels
  • Company Start Up Packages
  • Food Pouches
  • Tea Tins
  • Overlabelling Boxes
  • Pick & Place Labelling

Product labelling

We have labelled many products for our customers including food pouches, tea tins, boxes, syringes and vials. We can also add print to the label e.g. batch number, date, expiry and return your labelled product back to you for final process.

Gamma sterilisation indicator over-labelling

Our gamma sterilisation indicator labels change colour from yellow to red following exposure to the gamma sterilisation process. We can apply a gamma radiation indicator label (12mm dia) to a plain or printed label. The printed label may show the company name, logo, address etc - we then apply the indicator to an agreed position on the this label and despatch back to our customer. They can then overprint the label at their site with names, addresses, contents, batch & product numbers, time & date etc. creating a complete, printed label with gamma dot which is ready for the sterilisation process.

  • Gamma Sterilisation Indicator Labels
  • Ethylene Oxide Indicator Labels
  • Syringes & Vials
  • Content Labels
  • Void / Tamper proof
  • Batch Codes
  • Expiry Dates
  • Overlabelling Incorrectly Printed Labels
  • Promotional Labelling
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Credit Card Labelling

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