Dr Vapes Case Study

Dr Vapes and Go2Products’ relationship spans over the course of over 7 years of business & growth.

At Dr Vapes, we manufacture E-Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes in a variety of sizes. We use Go2Products to supply the labels for all these formats.

List of services used

  • Peel & Reveal Labels

  • Scratch & Reveal

  • Tactile Labels

  • Soft Touch

  • Laminates

  • Spot Varnishes

  •  Silver PP Labels

  •  White PP Labels

  •  Glow In The Dark Inks

Projects we’ve worked on with Dr Vapes

Glow in the dark labels

At Dr Vapes, we always try to be innovative, we envisioned to be the first E-Liquid brand to bring out glow in the dark labels for a product release! When the project was presented to Go2Products, the team were really keen on achieving this for us & proposed a few different methods and finishes  that we could go with, sent over samples and we were able to see, feel & pick from the different results.

Scratch & Reveal

A measurable result that speaks to most audiences must be the scratch & reveal, this has supported massively in product authentication & has provided a robust method for customers to verify their products. From supplying the scratch codes, printing them on the labels, sharing the codes on a database and allowing customers to type these into the website for  authentication, Go2 has supported us through the journey.


Go2Products has been our trusted label supplier for over 7 years, and their commitment to innovation and quality has been exceptional. 

From unique finishes like glow in the dark labels to efficient solutions like scratch and reveal, they have helped us elevate our product packaging and enhance customer trust

Their expertise and attention to detail make them an invaluable partner in our business growth.