Designing the perfect product label

Whatever the nature of your business, product labels can be the difference between a consumer passing by your product without a second glance, and capturing the attention and leading to a purchase and brand loyalty. The best product labels demand attention, and lodge themselves in the mind of a consumer long after they've finished their shopping trip. Perhaps you already have a great product, but having a great product isn't necessarily enough to capture the attention in a competitive market. In this blog, we'll take a look at some of the factors you need to consider to design the perfect product label for your business. 

Container type

Before designing your label, you need to settle on a container. Depending on what it is that you sell, you will want to focus on factors such as material, size and shape of the container. Label sizes are often associated with common container sizes, such as beer bottles or wine bottles. 

You will want to consider whether or not there is an industry standard for packaging and labels, and whether or not your container will be big enough to contain all the information you plan to include on your label. Focus aesthetics also, do you want your label to cover the entirety of the container, or just a small portion, and consider how this will affect the look and feel of the overall design.


When you're ready to start designing your product the first thing to consider is your logo and brand guidelines. The product label is going to serve as the shop window of your business. The logo communicates the essence of your identity, and the label design should compliment this, while calling out important features about the product. Make sure you have your logo and brand identity clear in your mind before designing the label. If you design the label armed with the important elements of your brand such as fonts and brand colour themes you will be able to apply this consistently across all product ranges and future print runs.  

Product description

The product description is the next most important step in the process. Of course, the content of this will vary widely depending on the nature of the product. The crucial thing to keep in mind is to communicate the most essential elements of the products in this space, in some cases that may be product ingredients, health information, or industry regulations. The overarching purpose here is to communicate as much of the essential product information as possible, and to incorporate this into the overall design of the label in as harmonious a way as possible.


Once you have settled on the size, branding and design of your label you're almost ready to go to print. In this final step in the process, you will have the opportunity to first select a preferred material type. At Go2Products, we stock over 15 label material types, from eco-friendly biodegradable options, through to glossy or even metallic materials. Select your label size, your material, your print colour preferences (colour or black print), quantity, and finally upload your label design and let us do the rest! 

Are you ready to start designing labels for your business? Go2products offers free delivery on order label orders over £50, with all orders dispatched within 48 hours. Contact us today on 0330 9127498 to discuss your needs, or visit our Personalised Labels service page.

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