What you need to know about sustainable stickers and packaging

How committed is your business to sustainability? Increasingly, sustainability is an important factor for consumers when choosing where to spend their hard earned income. In a 2021 survey, 67% of consumers surveyed felt it was important that the products they purchased came in disposable packaging, while more than half took sustainability into account when choosing a product. 

Here at Go2Products, we understand the importance of sustainability, and are here to support your business in the transition to more sustainable packaging. From biodegradable labels to recycled paper, we have your sustainability needs covered. 

Is sustainable packaging more expensive?

A common concern for businesses is that sustainable packaging is significantly more expensive than non-sustainable, thus more likely to deter consumers from using it. However, sustainable packaging is often much more accessible and affordable than you think, and consumers are also in many cases prepared to pay a little bit extra to do their part to protect the planet. A survey by Sifted found that 80% of price-conscious people in their survey would be prepared to pay at 5% more for sustainable packaging, while 57% would pay up to 10% more. 

Does sustainable packaging help the environment?

In contrast to single use packaging and labels, sustainable packaging is created from materials that are renewable and break down naturally rather than contributing to the mounting waste in landfills. Recyclable labels also reduces the strain on our natural resources as materials can be used again in the production line, ensuring a longer and more sustainable lifecycle for our products. 

Biodegradable labels

With consumers increasingly conscious of sustainability when shopping, it's a logical step for businesses to transition to compostable and biodegradable labels for their products. Crucially, there is no downgrade in quality when opting for biodegradable labels. Laser and inkjet printing are both supported and deliver the same results as printing on new paper!

Recycled paper labels 

Of course, when you think about sustainability you think about recycling. Compared to producing new paper, recycled paper labels uses much less energy and consequently is a lot kinder to the environment. Recycled paper labels can be used for many purposes, including parcel labels, shipping labels, and, with the addition of a bit of colour, can even be used as product labels. 

Brown kraft labels 

Made from natural wood sources, kraft paper is stronger than recycled paperboard  due to the higher ratio of sulphur used in the manufacturing process. Due to its natural brown colour and smooth finish, kraft labels are always popular choice for business who are conscious both of sustainably and style. 

Here at Go2Products, we have a long standing commitment to sustainability. All our loose filled packaging is 100% plastic free and fully recyclable, and we are proud to say that we plant a tree for every online order that we receive.

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