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How does it make you feel when you recognise a brand’s design from 5 feet away? Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers would recognise your business’ brand from the labels alone? 

Personalised labels offer various benefits for businesses looking to improve their branding and customer engagement. From increased brand recognition to enhanced product differentiation, using personalised labels can help you stand out from the competition. 

Here are five key benefits of how and why your business would benefit from personalised labels: 

#1 - Brand recognition and awareness 

The unique opportunity personalised labels give you is to build your brand identity across your product range. It elevates your reach, recognition and awareness. It also enhances your brand’s vision and true value through your labels. 

The main difference you’ll find with regular label models is how well your personalised labels will fit your products. 

#2 - Improved customer engagement and retention 

Guess what happens when a customer finds a new product on the shelf and feels like it resonates with them. That’s right – they will buy. There are many ways to create that feeling of belonging for the customer, but in essence, it all starts with the packaging. Or even more simply, with the labels. 

Especially true when a customer is repeatedly exposed to your brand, customised labels will help improve your customer retention. 

#3 - Professional look-and-feel packaging 

If you are serious about your business and want your customers to recognise this through your products, personalised labels are your go-to. 

Even if your brand is embracing a vintage or handmade look, you will want to build consistency with your labels. Customers buy from a brand that gives this “respect” of creating valuable products for them to buy. And having professional look-and-feel labels will help build this trust with your customers. 

A professional look label will also be more attractive for your customers. The touch-and-feel is sometimes underestimated, but some customers are all about the tactile emotion when they buy a new product. 

#4 - Enhanced product differentiation 

How does it make you feel when you see creative designs on your beer packaging or those perfume labels? 

Customised labels help you differentiate from your competitors. It can be about the shape of your labels, the colours, the feel or the size. 

#5 - Increased marketing and promotional opportunities 

Creating your labels gives you to opportunity to reference your own marketing or special offerings. It gives you more placement opportunities you can use to your advantage. When done cleverly, you also encourage your customers’ engagement with the brand. 

In conclusion 

If you are serious about your brand and products, you must know how important personalised labels are. It helps establish your brand identity, builds trust & recognition with your customers. 

But there’s something more about labels that your products benefit from: enhanced product differentiation, promotional opportunities, unique look-and-feel and improved customer retention.  

At Go2Products, we can help you build customised labels on the go, or build a personalised approach with our service. 

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