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Is your business struggling to find the right labels for your products? Could it be a fact that your products require specialised labels to fit the purpose?  

Specialised labels are a solution designed to meet specific requirements and needs in various industries.  

These labels are created to withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and long-term exposure to various elements, such as weather or water.  

They offer superior durability and performance, ensuring that critical information remains legible and protected. With advancements in technology and materials, specialised labels provide businesses with more flexibility and versatility in their labelling solutions. 


Brewery Labels  

The main challenge for the beverage industry is humidity or liquid. Waterproof labels might be the most important elements for businesses to factor in.  

If you take beer or alcohol industries, for example, they can require exclusive labels. Such as gold, silver or transparent materials for their labels.   

  • Waterproof Or Paper Materials  
  • Multiple Finishing options: gold, metal, mirror, etc  
  • Strong resistance to the element  
  • Adaptable to the support: glass, metal, etc  

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E-Liquid / Vape Labels  

The art of branding for e-liquid or vapes is all in the labels. This industry finds itself in the land of creativity where products are embracing the endless possibilities of labels: embossing, touch and feel, mirrored colours, fluorescent, etc... The need to stand out is very real in the Vape industry, and investing in specialised labels will be the best marketing tool they’ll possess.  

We’ve listed below the core elements the Vape industry looks for in terms of labels:  

  • Embossing & Debossing  
  • Peel And Reveal 
  • Tactile Triangles  
  • Spot Raised Varnishes  
  • Fragranced Varnishes  
  • Scratch Resistant Metallic Labels  
  • Integrated Scratch Off Panel  

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Cosmetic Labels  

In the cosmetic industry, the need for elegance and representation is mostly seen by customers through product labels. Depending on the brand positioning, the label should best reflect this marketing strategy, e.g., transparent paper for elegant or luxurious products, metallic finishes to stand out from the competitors, matt or velvet feel, etc...  

Here is a list of the main finishes cosmetic labels will benefit from:  

  • Matt or Gloss laminates  
  • Transparent paper  
  • Peel And Reveal  
  • Metallic Finishes  
  • Large & Small Quantities  

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Horticultural Labels  

In the world of horticulture, labels are tested through by the environment. Because plants are constantly in contact with water, UV rays and other harsh elements, specialised labels should resist and last for as long as they can. This is why hoping for specialised labels should benefit the long-term plans for plant nurseries or gardens.  

Here is the main list of the type of labels that suits the horticultural industry:  

  • Loop-Lock Labels  
  • Plant Picture Labels  
  • Bed Cards  
  • Waterproof Labels  
  • Thermal Ribbons  

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To conclude  

In the world of labels, not all sizes & types fit every situation or purpose.   

If your business is one of those that need specialised labels to resist the most varied situations, such as water, UV lights; or simply in need to stand out from the crowd, such as velvet finish or tactile triangles; a dedicated type of label should be your first call.  

Sometimes, it can be a minefield to find the right type of labels for your business. Too many options can be overkill, or you simply need that custom label.  

Contact our experts if you need any assistance or if you are ready to build your unique label design. 

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