5 ways personalised stickers can strengthen your brand reputation

According to Trade.gov, 82% of the UK population bought at least one product online in 2021. And it is expected to rise in 2023 and beyond. Brands need to focus their brand recognition efforts as much online than in their package delivery. Customers are demanding, and offering a unique experience from ordering to delivery will only strengthen your brand loyalty.  


In this article, we noted down 5 ways to make the best use of personalised stickers to strengthen your brand loyalty and reputation.


#1 – Add fun stickers to your outer-packaging 

If it’s in the brand’s tone of voice, why not add some fun stickers to your outer packages? Some brands own the delivery experience by adding fun words or “instructions” to opening the parcel. Such as “open here” or easy-to-open sections highlighted by stickers.  


#2 – Add free stickers as perks inside your parcel 

An easy one, but still much loved by customers, free stickers can go a long way. Add one or more free stickers with the invoice and your customers can use these wherever they want on their personal belongings. And let’s face it, that’s “free” marketing. 


#3 – Give away free stickers at events you attend 

Instead of the good old boring business card, why not opt for branded stickers at events you attend? You are sure to stand out from the crowd while being original and creative with your stickers. Why not go beyond and even theme your stickers based on the event you are in with a fun branded message or visual? 


#4 – Add your stickers on your company car 

If you have company cars, surely you’ll want to go bold with wide stickers. If your budget is restricted, why not opt for more discreet stickers and add some on the back window instead? It’s a great opportunity to show your logo or share in a few words the values of your brand. 


#5 – Add your stickers to your personal belongings 

Much like stickers on cars, you can use stickers on your personal belongings to spread brand awareness wherever you go. Such as on your computer, on your wallet or your phone case. Perfect tactic for business owners who wish to increase their brand reach or for loyal sales employees who need a boost with brand recognition. 


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