How to style your container with labels

When it comes to labeling the containers in your business, you may see the task as a necessary but arduous job. Here at Go2Products, we know that container labeling can add a touch of class and style to your containers, as well as serving an important practical purpose. 

In this article we look at how to style your containers with labels.


Our labels come in four main sizes, rectangle, circle, square and oval. Square labels are a fitting choice for most containers. This shape provides space enough to convey essential information about the container, and makes this information clear and easy to read. Rectangle labels can be used to give a wrap around style to your containers. Wraparound labels can be an excellent choice if you are looking to incorporate branding onto labels, leaving ample space for both brand artwork and product information. Our circle and oval labels provide a slightly more unique look to your containers, helping them to really pop and stand out from the crowd!


Once you've settled on the style you want from your labels it's time to think about size. Our labels are printed on A4 sheets, and range from a full A4 size, all the way down to 25.4mm x 10mm, which can fit 189 labels per sheet! With such versatility, the opportunities for styling your containers are endless!


So you’ve settled on your shape and style, now it’s time to think about your material. At Go2Products we have a wide variety of options here, ranging from crisp and clean matt white, through to a stunning metallic silver and gold finish. 

Some of our other options include laser gloss, which comes with a beautiful high gloss sheen to give your container a premium look at and feel. We also offer removable, waterproof and environmentally friendly biodegradable options. 

With shape, size and material covered you’re almost set to complete your order and begin styling your labels! Just specify a preference between colour labels and black and you’re all set. 

With an almost endless variety of shape, size and material combinations to choose from, the only limitation for styling your containers is your imagination! Labeling is a functional necessity for a business, but with Go2Products, we can help you to unleash your creativity, express your brand's unique identity. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to wow your customers. 

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