6 Benefits of using custom packaging tape for your business

Let’s imagine Amazon packaging not using a custom tape on their parcel.

Would you trust that package? Would you think it’s legitimate? In its own way, this is a “seal of approval” and we’ve all grown accustomed to it. This is set in stone, Amazon will always have custom tape on all their shipping parcels.

So why would your brand not benefit from this great, undisrupted, marketing tool?

With the ever-growing online market, it is becoming inevitable for the consumer to receive a parcel from a company at least once a year.

More than 91% of UK residents aged 25 to 34 made an online purchase (Analyzify) and doorstep delivery was chosen by 77% of UK shoppers at least once in the last year (Analyzify), which gives a rough idea of how many D2C parcels were delivered overall. 

Below, we explore what custom tape is and how using it can benefit your brand in the long-term. 


Custom tape enables cost-effective external branding while equipping customers to quickly identify packages. By using the same materials as non-branded packaging tape, the non-sticky part is printed over with your chosen design.


As with most custom options, there are various types of tape you can print on. Some companies offer vinyl tape, kraft tape, anti-tamper tape, and so on. Deciding which type to go for will boil down to your business needs and financial affordability. 

When it comes to shipping parcels, we recommend sticking to a strong, thick tape, so your goods won’t get damaged, or opened, in transit.

#1 - Customer experience

Custom printed tape demonstrates that your brand values the customer experience all the way down to shipment. By adding a final touch on the delivery package, it enhances your brand identity and boosts brand recalls. The magic happens in the details!

#2 - Improves traceability in transit

When a parcel goes missing, it’s a nightmare in every part to locate it. Getting in touch with the delivery company and describing the parcel to them will become much easier. You can mention the size and the colour of the parcel, but also describe the tape style and branding which are more evident than the previous descriptions.

#3 - Cost efficiency

Compared to pilling up various custom box sizes, which also adds up in the cost bulk ordering process, custom tapes are cheaper and more versatile that its accompanying buddy. Custom tapes are also easier to store and can be used for any type of packing surfaces: cardboard boxes, letters, shipping bags, and so on.

#4 - Undisrupted marketing space

It would be a great miss to not take advantage of this space as your own “free” marketing placement. It offers public visibility for anyone seeing the box nearby. It’s also a great opportunity to shout about something that’s coming, announcing an upcoming event, or even giving an exclusive discount to their next purchase.

#5 - Open to creativity

Tapes are flexible by nature, so why not use these to leverage the creative aspect of your brand. Order custom tapes of various sizes and play around with patterns on the box. This bold move will certainly make a few people smile and create excitement when opening the box. Once again, it’s all in the details and how to leverage the customer experience at all touch points.

#6 - Instructional tape

Finally, you can use the custom tape to instruct the delivery staff about how to handle the box or give additional instructions to your customers. Some brands use it to make “This Way Up” more evident or to not use sharp objects to open.


The benefits of using custom tapes for your brand go far beyond securing your parcel. It’s a means to elevate the customer experience, an opportunity to use this space as your marketing messaging, and even offer evident instructions about your parcel.

At Go2Products, we specialise in custom labels along with all things product labelling. Our newest launch of custom packaging tape now offers a fully customisable tape suited to all types of packaging requirements. You can choose the size, material, base colour, and adjust the quantity for bulk ordering.

If you’d like to discuss options with our team, reach out to us using our contact us form.

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