The Future of Product Labelling: Embracing Nutrition, Carbon, and Transparency

Have you wondered what's really in the products you buy? 

Today's shoppers aren't just tossing items into their carts—they're scanning for details on nutrition and the environmental footprint. Businesses and regulators are catching on, pushing for clearer labelling that spells out everything from calories to carbon emissions. Ready to see how this transparency is reshaping your shopping experience?


#1: Decoding Your Diet with Nutri-Score

The Clear Way to Healthier Eating 

Nutri-Score transforms the shopping experience by providing a straightforward A-E colour-coded system that lets you instantly see the nutritional quality of food products. Popular in several European countries, this label helps consumers avoid complex nutritional jargon and opt for healthier choices effortlessly.

Political and Policy Dimensions of Eco-Labelling

As consumer awareness increases, so does the political pressure on businesses and regulators to adapt. In Europe, the debate around Nutri-Score and its implications for trade and regulation has caught the attention of policymakers. Advocacy groups push for these labels not just as a means of guiding consumer choice, but as a standard that could reshape industry practices and trigger broader regulatory reforms.

The French Adoption of Nutri-Score

In France, the introduction of Nutri-Score sparked significant political debate. Initially met with resistance from certain food industry giants, sustained consumer advocacy and mounting public health data swayed governmental policy, leading to a more widespread adoption. This example serves as a powerful lesson on the potential of eco-labels to influence not only market trends but also national policy frameworks.

Enhancing Eco-Choices Through Behavioural Insights

The latest findings from studies on behavioural research suggest that incorporating reflective nudges alongside product labels can have a major influence on consumer decisions towards more sustainable choices. A notable study published in Nature Sustainability reveals that such prompts, encouraging shoppers to pause and consider their options right before purchasing, can significantly promote eco-friendly habits. This strategy not only increases the effectiveness of labels like Nutri-Score and Eco-Score but also supports broader environmental objectives by subtly steering consumer behaviour at critical moments.

Embracing these behavioural insights can transform straightforward labels into dynamic tools for environmental advocacy, making their role go beyond just sharing information to actively driving sustainable consumer behaviour.


#2: Gauging Green with Eco-Score

Understanding Environmental Impact at a Glance 

Eco-Score complements Nutri-Score by measuring the environmental footprint of products with a similar A-E rating system. It provides a snapshot of a product’s carbon emissions and overall ecological impact, encouraging consumers to choose products that are kinder to our planet. Forward-thinking retailers are already adopting these labels to guide eco-conscious consumers.


How Clarity Influences Choices 

Simplified labels have a proven track record of guiding consumer behaviour. By making nutritional and environmental information easily accessible and understandable, Nutri-Score and Eco-Score empower consumers to make purchases that are better for their health and the environment.

Ensuring Marketing Honesty 

As more products flood the market with eco-friendly claims, governments are cracking down on greenwashing with regulations. These measures ensure that sustainability claims are not only clear but also credible, fostering a marketplace where trust prevails.


#3: Partnering with Go2Products: Your Ally in Achieving Transparency

At Go2Products, we offer a wide range of high-quality label materials and advanced printing techniques to help you create labels that accurately reflect the nutritional and environmental impact of your products. Whether you need to update your labels to comply with new regulations or stand out in a crowded market, our tailored solutions can equip you for success.

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