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Ever wondered how impactful a peel-and-reveal label can be for your brand? Or looking for inspiration to use this type of label to its full potential? 

Peel-and-reveal labels are multi-layered labels where the top layer can be peeled off to reveal the information below and can be put back on as many times as required. It’s also a sustainable type of label where the need for multiple individual labels is reduced. 

In this article, we discuss the different usages a peel-and-reveal label can have. This versatile label type can be used for various industries and business needs. 


#1 – Not enough space on small containers 

Some containers may be too small to fit the required information in or might visually look too noisy for the consumer to read. 

Opting for a peel-and-reveal label will help unload the front label by inserting statutory information at the back. 


#2 – Offering multiple languages option 

When some products are sold internationally, or need to appeal to a wider audience, a peel-and-reveal label offers the space to insert translated information without disrupting the main design. 


#3 - Meeting legislative criteria 

If you’d rather focus your labels with your brand design and you don’t want the legislative information to ruin your creativity, a peel-and-reveal label will do the trick. This is an additional space for you to make the best use of, why not use it as a “boring side”. 


#4 – Additional instructions or information 

Most commonly found in food packaging where the manufacturer adds a recipe or a handy instruction for their consumers. This additional space can be used in that instance where the product might benefit from guidance. 


#5 – Adding novelty to your brand 

Some brands take it further with their packaging experiences by adding a whole new level of brand story to their products. 

For example, the brewing company Northern Monks takes advantage of their beer labelling by adding stories of the brand, the environment, their commitments and all other sorts of storytelling information that the customer can be amazed about. This technique helps reinforce customer loyalty or belonging. 


Northern Monk Peel & Reveal Label

Peel and Reveal label on can 

#6 - Collectables & Limited-Editions 

If your brand is thinking to adopt a brand loyalty campaign, peel-and-reveal labels can be used for limited editions and featuring unique content for your customers. This helps reinforce your brand image for your audience by giving them a reason to interact with your brand. 


#7 – Promotional & Competitions 

Lastly, if your brand is running competitions or promotional campaigns, the use of a peel-and-reveal label can support the reach of your audience by having a direct touch point with your customers. Use this space to add the guidelines, information, QR code and other ways to enter the competitions. 


How Go2Products can help you with your Peel-and-Reveal needs 

We are a fast production company that delivers throughout the UK. We can print anything you need, in any format, shape and size. Our friendly team will find you the right solutions for your business regardless of the challenges. 

Contact us for more information or to start your exciting journey with peel-and-reveal labels.

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