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Is your business considering the move towards sustainability? But you might be unsure as to how to implement this into your packaging & labelling.   

Consumers are more and more aware and committed to eco-friendly products, a unique feature your business should look into to satisfy their buying experience.  

With various designs available on the market, your business can find the right fit for your brand and product(s) without compromising on the quality or design. Great news, especially if you like to stand out from the crowd!  

In this article, we are digging into the subject of sustainability for your labels and what it means for your brand in the long term. 


What does it mean to go “sustainable” for your business? 

Sustainability is better explained under three pillars: economy, society, and environment.   

In short, the core combination of principles where your brand is mindful of the impact on the environment, how it impacts the community and the difference it makes without sacrificing quality & profit for your company. It’s a real progressive approach to a successful business with long-term positive impacts.  

Some consumers are actively looking to support brands that align with this principle, a choice that may impact sales & brand recognition. 


Sustainable or eco-friendly? What’s the difference? 

Eco-friendly is an umbrella term to say “doesn’t harm the planet”. If a product is labelled eco-friendly, the materials used in it will have low to zero impact on the environment.  

Sustainability, however, goes further by looking at the broader picture of the impact on the environment and the business’ mission for future generations. This term covers the commitment an entity takes to support future generations and save the planet. 


How do “eco-friendly” labels help the environment? 

Instead of single-use packaging & labels, eco-friendly labels are made from sustainable materials that can be composted or recycled.  

It reduces waste that ends up in landfills by breaking the material down in a composting environment or re-using its material in the production line. This method reduces the exhaustion of natural resources and man-made materials. 


The different label types to support your sustainable move 

  1. Biodegradable & compostable labels 
    As recycling becomes part of our everyday lives and companies become more and more environmentally conscious, compostable and biodegradable products are increasingly becoming the sensible choice. 
    There is no quality downgrade by choosing either of these materials, you can now print with laser & inkjet on both support and come out with the same results as on brand-new paper. The difference is these supports are kinder to the environment and offer various benefits to recycling at home. 
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  2. Recycled paper labels 
    Recycled is a process of using existing materials to manufacture new products. In the case of paper, it’s using existing/used paper by manufacturing it into new paper. This process uses a lot less energy and is a lot kinder to the environment than producing virgin paper. 
    Perfect for use as address labels, parcel labels, shipping labels etc. You can even add a splash of colour and use them as product labels to give your product the finishing touch it needs. 
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  3. Brown kraft labels 
    Kraft paper is made from natural wood sources and its manufacturing process requires a higher ratio of sulphur compared to conventional paper. This helps strengthen its fibres and cellulose, making it stronger than recycled paperboard.   
    The natural brown colour and smooth matt finish of kraft paper has an attractive, decorative appearance that is ideal for use on products and packaging. This material is especially popular with individuals and businesses who are producing or are determined to use environmentally friendly products, as well as customers who want to create or promote the appearance of natural goods – often for items that are handcrafted or homemade. 
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The positive outcome for your brand 

Being part of the green movement is the next step forward for your brand positioning while attracting consumers that align with this approach. Although there are no laws or government rules that will force a company to go greener (UK), it is accepted by consumers that brands should be more mindful of environmental impact and plans for the future generation.  

With the UK wanting to go Net Zero in 2050, it is becoming a run for a “greenest” company, or at least, the most mindful brand that cares about environmental impact.  

By making the move now, your company would benefit from better brand exposure, attracting new customers you never were able to convert before and you’ll become part of an ever-growing movement/cause. There’s only a win-win situation for your business! 


How to dispose of eco-friendly labels? 

As part of your brand commitment, you could create a guide for your customers about how to recycle or compost your labels when the parcel is received. This guide highlights your commitment and cares about how to handle your packaging for disposal, involving your consumer along with your brand’s values.  

At Go2Products, as part of our mission for a greener approach, we inform all our clients about how to dispose of each product for a better understanding about the environmental impact. 


The verdict 

With the new generation of consumers and the awareness of the environmental impact, brands are seeing benefits in slowly switching to “greener” labels for their packaging. Committing to a new eco-friendly approach is helpful to align with consumers that care about the planet and want to be involved in greener buying behaviour.  

If you wonder why and where to get your brand started with sustainable labelling, look no further than recycled paper, kraft paper, and biodegradable or compostable papers. These are the future of packaging and labelling.  

At Go2Products, we make sure we recommend the best label types for your business’ needs, but we also look at how we can help your business become part of the sustainable movement. Contact us today for more information. 

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