Fluorescent Labels: Benefits & Common Uses

Colourful and practical, fluorescent labels are a staple of schools, homes and workplaces across the country. Ideal for productivity and keeping track of tasks, their sticky adhesive means they can be applied to a variety of surfaces, while their colourful design means you'll never lose track of your important notes.

Main benefits of fluorescent labels

Fluorescent labels have numerous practical applications when it comes to supporting productivity in the workplace or at school. Perfect for note taking, for keeping track of important tasks and projects, and creating to-do lists, fluorescent labels are also durable and extremely cost effective. The luminous colour of the labels means they can also be used for labelling and packaging products, as well as calling attention to a space such as an in store promotion.

Common uses of fluorescent labels

We’ve already noted some of the main benefits of fluorescent labels, but what are some of the most common uses for them?

Hospital & hazardous containers

The bright and colourful design of these labels makes them perfect for conveying information in a variety of forms. For example, fluorescent labels can be added to hospital and/or hazardous containers to catch the eye and communicate important information to people who come into contact with the containers.

Packing and distribution

In a similar fashion, fluorescent labels can be used to call out crucial information in the packing and distribution process, communicating information on how to handle a parcel (Heavy!), or what to expect before lifting it (Fragile!).


Promotional products in-store

The eye catching appearance of fluorescent labels makes them the perfect choice to mark up and call attention to special products, promotions or offers in your physical store. Fluorescent labels can add a touch of colour to your display, drawing in potential customers, and bringing to their attention offers and promotions they may otherwise have missed.

Craft & Hobbies

Coming in a variety of different shapes and colours, fluorescent labels are a great choice for crafting enthusiasts, for kids and adults alike. Fluorescent labels can be applied to most surfaces to add a touch of colour, important information or just for a little bit of fun!

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