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Does anyone else every feel like they are knee deep in fonts!? Find out a little about text & Fonts for Labels by reading on.

Even though im sure we have well over 1000 fonts loaded on our system! some days it feels like all we do is search for a matching font. I remember the old days when there was just Arial & Times New Roman to choose from.

When did choosing the right fonts for you labels become so hard!?

Fonts | Printing on A4 Labels | fonts for stickers
here is a little screen shot of a few – some weird & wonderful & some are just basic.

What to choose?

Choosing the right font can make such a difference to your labels – Here is a selection of warning labels with a different font design on each. Which one do you think is best? There is a reason where one is much more common then the others. Its a warning so it needs to stand out & be clear.

The shadowed text is probably good for an artisan foody product & the thinner font is better suited to a Men in black advert. The rounded one is OK & could possibly be used as a warning sign, however it isn’t as assertive as the first with its sharper edges, its a much more aggressive font which is what you want from a warning sign. Placing a few choices of fonts together like this is a great way to decide what is the best fonts for your labels.

Font Fonts Arial Printing on A4 Labels - Label Fonts
Good old Arial here, one of the original fonts & one of the best in my opinion too

Where to find Fonts for my Labels?

There are many Free places to find fonts on the internet but this site below is for Adobe illustrator. Take a look at to find some real good ones.

Before you go crazy designing your new labels you may need to download one of our FREE templates | just follow the link below – there are also a few pre designed templates for you to download and try!

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