Applying an integrated label on a parcel for shipping

Have you ever wondered how successful eCommerce businesses ensure seamless order processing, quick shipping, and superior customer service?  

Their secret often lies in their ability to integrate all aspects of their operation. One tool that plays a critical role in achieving this is the integrated label.  

These practical tools combine shipping labels, invoices, and other vital information onto one easily printable sheet, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors! 

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What are Integrated labels? 

The best way to picture an integrated label is a piece of paper with a space for a peel-off label. Behind the sticky label, you’ll find a strong adhesive at the back where the rest of the paper is regular paper feel. 

The full sheet can be printed on with most printers, both lasers & inkjets.  


What are integrated labels used for in eCommerce? 

While these labels can serve various purposes and are versatile enough to be used with home printers as well as commercial printers, their most common uses are for meeting shipping requirements. The format of these labels follows requirements from most eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and the like. 

  • Invoice with a shipping label 
  • Return with address label
  • Picking information with shipping address 

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How to print on integrated labels? 

Some third-party marketplaces will provide you with a template to follow for you to print your invoice & labels on. 

Templates can also often be found from the label provider where you purchased your labels. 

Most likely, the main software to use for printing batch labels using integrated labels are Excel, Word & PDF. 

If everything is handled online on your own website and you are using a platform that uses plugins, you could possibly find a plugin that will generate these ready-to-print labels with the integrated label format. 


The benefits of integrated labels for eCommerce 

As explained above, by integrating a label to the main information on the paper greatly reduces human errors while being consistent with the shipping line. Integrated labels have proven to be convenient, user-friendly and hassle-free for most businesses. 

  • Reduction of human error in the packing process 
  • Possibility to gather all order information in one place 
  • Convenience for the consumer (return labels) 
  • Hassle-free and easy to print on 
  • Fully customisable and personalised 

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Bespoke integrated labels 

Many integrated labels available for purchase follow rigid pattern on the page which could restrain your needs as a business. 

Opting for a bespoke solution for your integrated labels can provide even more flexibility which, in turn, will optimise the way your business works with shipping, etc. At Go2Products, we listened to our customers, and we are offering bespoke solutions that answer their label needs. 

If your business is struggling to find a particular pattern on the page for the peel-off labels, or if you wish there were more than one peel-off label on your integrated labels, we are here to help you. 


Take your integrated labels to the next level 

There are many benefits of using integrated labels for eCommerce businesses. By simplifying the packing process to minimising human error, you can also take the design to your labels to the next stage. 

Integrated labels are flexible, hassle-free and easy to use. Numerous online businesses have adopted this solution for its advantages including the possibility for branding your own labels as frequently as you want. 

If your business is seeking a bespoke solution for your integrated labels, Go2Products will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a rewarding experience for your business. 

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