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Have you ever wondered how you could lift your brand labels to be more appealing to your customers? Could it be your design, or could you get a boost with textures and finishes on your labels? 

Although having a standout design for your product label will help catch the eyes of your target audience, offering a unique feel to your label could add a luxurious touch. 

In this article, we discuss the different textures and features that could level up your brand labels and products awareness. 



Textures on labels are a film or finish added on top of the final design to create a different touch and feel to the label. Certain finishes will brighten or deepen the colours of the design which adds a layer of luxurious finish compared to standard finishes. 


Matte labels 

The matte texture gives a sleek and minimalist feel to a label. Because matte absorbs light, there are little chances to see fingerprints and other marks a shiny surface could show. 

> If you are looking for a subtle finish, matte finish would be your go to. 

Matte Product Label


Velvet feel 

The velvet paper feel creates that smooth and soft touch to the label. It creates a delicate feel to the label while making colours look deeper and richer than matt finish. 

> If you are looking to promote a luxurious product, using a velvet finish could be your go to. 


Parchment touch 

The wood grain-like texture is a thick paper with irregular fibre patterns to the touch. This type of finish gives a sensation of rustic and natural feel. 

> If you are looking to push the natural angle to your product, using a parchment texture could be your go to. 



The extra finishes on labels are designed to add that another layer of uniqueness to a finished label. Most popular for luxurious goods such as wine, perfume or other alcoholic beverages that embraces creativity through their labels. 


Embossed labels 

Embossed printing involves creating raised images or texts, which results in a 3D effect. It is typically used for wine bottles or other luxurious goods, because it adds a level of uniqueness to the product. 

Embossed Product Label


Metallic foils 

Metallic effect on paper will reflect the light more than any other paper type, adding a unique luxurious effect to the product.  

Metallic Product Label



There are many reasons why you’d want to push your brand label with creative textures and features. Some of which include: 

  • Making your brand stand out 
  • Adding a touch of luxury 
  • Creating that unique feel about your product 
  • Creating limited edition for your audience to be excited about 

However, not all products could benefit from these perks that come with textured labels and extra features as these are assumed like luxurious goods. These finishes need to highlight the uniqueness of your product, not create one. 


Ready to level up your product label? 

There are many ways to lift your product or brand presence on the market, but adding those extra features to your labels can go a long way. A velvet texture or an embossed font can help raise the profile of your product or intensify the colours of your design. 

If you are looking to start building a unique brand label but not sure where to start, at Go2Products, we help every customer with all project sizes to kickstart their label journey. Contact us for more information about personalised labels. 

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