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The art of labelling- From designing to printing


We agree that coming up with the perfect label design isn’t as simple as it sounds.

That’s why, along with quality printing, we assist our clients with the artwork to get the best experience. When it comes to designing a product label, there are things to consider that requires meticulous attention. Let’s explore why product label design is its own art form.


It’s essentially important to get your artwork right so that your label will be functional and aesthetically pleasing, and the expert team at Go2Products will advise you on the best way to get the most from your labels, for example we can advise on the following:


Adhesives – Labels like Peel and Reveal are different in a way as they have more layers than regular labels. Therefore, if your product has curved surfaces or is small (for example a nail varnish bottle), then you may need a suitable adhesive so that the label stays in place throughout the life of the product.


Artwork – Working on labels with multiple ‘layers’ you would want to ensure that your artwork is adjusted so that the design doesn’t show through and jeopardise the glossy top layer. Our team can advise on the best way of putting it up before you print your multi-layer labels and can even help you with some expert tricks and tips to make your artwork perfect. Just how you love it.


#ProTip >> Experienced product label designers will keep the label design open to variation for further product extensions. Whether that is a food line, a health or beauty product line, or a line of alcoholic beverages—if your initial product may grow into several subsets. Your design should be flexible enough to accommodate this.


As a supplier of labels, we can certainly testify to the significance of an eye-catching design! More importantly, a high-quality label that will ensure the design doesn't fade. Precisely why you need a good label design to upscale your brand image.


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