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We understand that for many people, a label is just a thing that every product needs, but why exactly do we use them? 

Playing a vital role in the increase of brand visibility, labeling is an essential tool for establishing your brand identity. It’s also a crucial way for brands to communicate with their customers, displaying product information and ensuring all products are compliant with the relevant guidelines.

This is where we come in! Go2Products specialise in both digitally and flexographic printed roll labels to make your product stand out amongst the competition. We also sell a plain roll variant - perfect for the money saving customer looking to print their own design. All of our roll labels come in a variety of materials and finishes, making sure your brand stays  unique to you. 

Roll Labels

If looks are what you’re going for then we’ve got the products for you!

Available in gold or silver, our metallic labels have a permanent adhesive and are perfect for adding a touch of luxury with a shiny finish. Alternatively, you could highlight a section of your design with our fantastic foil labels, giving your label a focal point that’ll catch the eye of any customer. If a spot of metallic shine isn’t your thing, why not go for a shining varnish instead? Our spot varnished labels are the ideal way to make a specific section of your design stand out with a glossier shine. 

If you’re interested in our selection of roll labels, click here: https://go2products.co.uk/pages/roll-labels 

We don’t just stock roll labels! We also print a variety of amazing labels in a wide array of styles and finishes, so no matter what your company needs - we’ve got a label to accommodate! 

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