A5 Sheets 1 Adhesive Label (210mm X 148.5mm)

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1 self-adhesive printing label per A5 sheet (210 x 148.5mm)

This label is suitable for a range of purposes such as address and pallet labelling. 

Buy in bulk boxes of 1000 Sheets. 

Delivery: These labels are made to order and can take up to 48 hours to be dispatched on a next day service with either APC or Dhl, In most cases if ordered early enough we may be able to dispatch the same day. 

Label Width: 210 Top Margin: 0
Label Height: 148.5 Bottom Margin: 0
Labels Across: 1 Gap Across Labels: 0
Labels Around: 1 Gap Around Labels: 0
Label Corner Radius: 0 Left Margin: 0
Right Margin: 0

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