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Are you developing a new product and planning its future label? Not sure how to proceed or require clarification regarding the type of label needed? 

In the realm of product labelling, 4 distinct types of product labels fulfil unique roles. These types are brand labels, informative labels, descriptive labels, and grade labels. Understanding their distinctions will help guide how to structure information and where to display it on your product. 

In this article, we clarify these different roles to better understand their functions and how they comply with legal requirements. 


#1 - Brand Labels  

Brand labels are the perfect platform to showcase your brand. Get creative, establish your tone of voice, and ensure it resonates with your target audience's language. This is the first thing your customer will see, and the role of the brand label is to catch the eye in that split second. 

Highlight its USPs and unique aspects that distinguish it from other brands. Push the boundaries with textures and embossing if your budget allows. 

bottle brand labels


#2 - Informative Labels 

Think of the informative label type as being the boring side, or the necessary evil. All legal and compliance-related information about your product needs to be included. Details like expiry dates, recycling logos, warnings, allergens, preventative measures, nutritional details, and other essential elements you cannot overlook. Also, remember to include contact information for customers to easily reach the company in case of complaints. 

For instance, the brand Oatly has mastered its informative label by playfully naming it "The Boring Side". They understood their audience and added a twist while still displaying the necessary information. You can do the same, as long as all the information is correctly displayed and easy for your customers to read. 

informative label


#3 - Descriptive Labels 

A descriptive label provides a space for you to explain your product in more detail, including its proper usage and storage recommendations. You can also add information that distinguishes your product, such as eco-friendly credentials, a vegan badge, and other facts. 

Some brands enhance their descriptive labels with guarantees and additional information unique to the product, such as "Proudly made in the UK", or succinct statements of benefits like "Helps fight headaches". 

descriptive label


#4 - Grade Labels 

Grade labels are attention-grabbing letters, numbers, tags, icons, or scales indicating the quality or grade of a product. For example, these are commonly used on fire extinguishers or when there's a need to display Nutri-scores. They are also used for safety measures, such as identifying irritants, pollutants, and certified grades. 

Depending on the product, these grade labels might be a crucial part of the product labelling (required by law), or additional information for customers to quickly gauge the product's quality (optional display of information). 

nutri score label

All in all 

There are various legal requirements concerning product labelling that greatly differ based on the industry and restrictions. It's essential to differentiate each type of label so you can better present your product and comply with regulations for your audience. 

>> With a brand label, you can get creative.  

>> With an informative label, you need to put all required information on there.  

>> With a descriptive label, you can establish a connection with your customer regarding how to use your product and make recommendations. 

>> As for the grade label, if your product needs one, you can get creative with displaying the quality and grade of your product, unless the law requires you to use an approved format. 

If you are unsure, concerned or need assistance about your future product labelling, at Go2Products we have a team of experts on the subject. Feel free to contact us for more information or to start your customised product labels today.


A. K. M. Nurul Afsar

A. K. M. Nurul Afsar

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Racheal javuru

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