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Have you wondered if your business needs to change labelling to cut costs? Have you hesitated between ready-made or bespoke labels? Or simply not sure what's the best choice for your business?

The cost-effectiveness of using ready-made labels compared to bespoke labels depends on several factors, such as the number of labels needed, the design complexity, and the quality requirements.

In this article, we discuss the differences between ready-made and bespoke labels and which solution is more cost-efficient depending on the business model.

Ready-Made Labels

Ready-made labels are pre-designed and available in standard sizes and shapes, making them a more cost-effective option for businesses that require a low volume of labels or use standard labels.

They are typically made using low-cost materials and are available in bulk, which reduces their overall cost per label.

However, they may not provide the exact branding and messaging that a company desires or might require additional printing from the user.

Who it benefits?

If your business uses standard shapes and colours for your labelling needs and doesn't require additional manipulation after receiving these labels (reprinting, cutting, etc.), then this solution will be the best to keep costs down.

Pros of ready-made labelling:

  • Can be fast to deliver
  • Stock might always be available
  • No technical skills needed
  • Can be easily printed on with most printers
  • Might offer discounts for bulk ordering

Cons of ready-made labelling:

  • Not personalised to your brand
  • Might have stock issue over time
  • Might have standard-quality paper
  • Might need to use your own equipment to print over

Bespoke Labels

On the other hand, bespoke labels are custom-made to meet specific branding and design requirements.

They are suitable for businesses that require a high volume of labels or need unique label designs.

Bespoke labels are generally more expensive than ready-made labels due to the added cost of designing and producing a custom label.

Who it benefits?

If your business needs specific designs, or you find yourself manipulating ready-made labels all the time (reprinting your logo or changing colours or cutting by hand, etc.), then ordering custom-made labels will be a smart move for your business.

You would also save time spent manipulating ready-made labels to fit your brand.

Pros of bespoke labels:

  • Specifically designed for your brand
  • Fits your requirements: paper type, colours, shapes, etc.
  • Stock holding especially for you
  • Order the quantity you need from the start
  • Might offer discounts for bulk ordering

Cons of bespoke labels:

  • Might require an in-house designer or the necessary skills
  • Might need to wait a lead production time before delivery
  • Need to find the right label company for production
  • Can be more expensive than ready-made labels

Is it cheaper to make your own labels?

If you have a small batch of labelling to do that requires a level of customisation with your own equipment, it might be more cost-effective for you to make your own labels.

However, if you need a large quantity and don't have the manpower to do your own labels, or there are aspects of the customisation you can't do in-house, custom labelling will offer more advantages and professionalism to your labels.

Things to consider – Sustainability!

Depending on your business's commitment to sustainability, you might want to look for a bespoke labelling company that offers sustainable options.

Not all manufacturers respect or offer sustainable options. Creating custom labels can have a negative impact on the environment depending on the quantity, paper type, labour intensity, etc.

Talk to the manufacturer to learn the environmental impact of creating your own labels with them and if there are kinder alternatives to offer.

At Go2Products, we are aware of sustainability needs, which is why we offer the most sustainable options for custom labels to have the least impact on the environment.


In conclusion, your business should evaluate the most cost-effective way to save time with your labelling. Is it the quantity needed? The specific colours or shapes needed? Or the additional work on ready-made labels your employees need to do?

If your business requires a low volume of labels and doesn't mind the standard size and shape of the ready-made labels, these would be your most cost-effective option.

If your business requires a larger volume of labels or specific labels that match your brand and quality requirements, bespoke labels might be your most preferred option.

If you need any guidance towards saving costs with your labelling, Go2Products is ready to assist you.

Contact us to know more about how we can help you.

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